Registered users can access to the function "My Shelf", where appropriate items, documents and former search terms can be saved. They can also subscribe to collections to receive email notifications of the latest additions.

Registration process:

  • For ELTE citizens
    EDIT clearly identifies ELTE citizens based on their IIG (caesar) ID. You must enter your ID and password to log in.
    In the menu bar on the right side of the EDIT homepage, click "Login" and then select "Login with IIG ID".
    If you are an ELTE citizen but do not yet have an IIG ID, you can apply electronically via the customer portal or in person at the Operator Service of the ELTE IT Directorate.
  • For non-ELTE citizens
    If you do not have an IIG ID, you can register by providing an email address.
    Registration: In the menu bar on the right side of the EDIT homepage, click on "Registration" and enter your e-mail address. A message will be sent to the e-mail address provided to confirm your registration.
    Login: Click "Login" in the right-hand menu bar on the EDIT homepage, then select "Login as EDIT User."

Source/author of illustration:
https://edit.elte.hu és https://www.anthonyboyd.graphics/mockups/ipad-pro-with-keyboard-mockup/