EDIT consists of collections organized into thematic categories. We keep in mind the needs of ELTE when it comes to designing the categories and collections.

The categories are the following:


Collections of scientific and other publications, works, conference presentations.

Scientific publications are uploaded through MTMT by the author or the MTMT administrator appointed by his/her.

The 6/2012. (II. 23.) Rector’s Directive provides the register of the publishing activites of ELTE citizens.

ELTE Journals, publications

Collections of journals, memoirs, conference volumes and other publications published by ELTE or one of its units.

TDK/OTDK essays         

Collections of TDK and OTDK essays prepared by university students.


Collections of theses made at ELTE.

Access to the materials contained these collections (unless otherwise provided by the author) are limited under copyright and library collection laws. Manuscript theses must only be used with full respect for copyright. You can have more information about accessing theses under the Access menu item.

Dissertations (ELTE PHD)

Collections of PhD dissertations created at ELTE.

The following documents provide the publication of dissertations:

  • The Government Decree 387/2012. (XII.19.) on doctoral schools, doctoral procedure, and habilitation 
  • The Organisational and Operational Regulations of ELTE – Volume I
  • the Organizational and Operational Regulations – Annex 12, Doctoral Regulations 
  • the Organizational and Operational Regulations of ELTE, Volume II
  • the Student Requirements System – Annex 6, Doctoral Regulations

PhD dissertations stored in EDIT are included in the DART-Europe e-Theses portal.

Museum collections, E-library

Electronic and digitized documents of the member libraries of the University Library Service.

Oktatási anyagok

Collections of the university’s electronic documents for educational purposes, which also include textbooks adapted for students with disabilities by The University’s Disability Center (SHÜTI). The accessible adapted version of the curriculum is only available to eligible students (registered with disability coordinators).

University Photo Gallery

Photo collection of ELTE.

Video library

Collections of the Video Studios of ELTE.

The video library has joined the eduOER project, which aims to share and disseminate multimedia and open educational resources more effectively at a European level.

Guides, regulations, catalogues

Collections of MTMT end EDIT information materials, aids, and library catalogues.

Archival documents

Collections of reports, regulations, and forms.

Patents and application products

Collections of applicational documentation and patents.

Source/author of illustration:
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