Record management of the university

According to ELTE SZMSZ 35. §. 5-6. (5) The staff of the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES are monitoring the records management and the disposal of the documents at the faculties’ departments according to the records management regulations.
(6) the UNIVERSITY LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES serve the supervision of the archives of the University offices and initiate the transfer of the documentation which has historical value.

Supervison of Organs

One of the basic duty of the archives is monitoring the records management of the university organs. The staff of the archives inspect the organs every five years and issue a protocol. During the inspection the staff check the methods of the records management and the condititon of the archives. If necessary, they give advices and assistance.

Disposal of the records

Records generated at the university departments need to dispose accoding to the retention schedule. Minutes need to make before the disposal. The minutes need to be approved by the archives. If it necessary the archives can help the disposal process.

Transfer of record to the archives

The historical records generated in the organizations of the university shall be tranfer to the archives by prior arragement according to the records management regulations.

Retention Schedules (valid and previous)

Since 1971, ELTE has been handling and disposing record according to retention schedules. The Retention Schedules contains the item number, name, disposal date and transfer date of the records.
The first Retention Schedule was amended several times since 1971, but the disposals of records are always done according to the valid retention schedule at the time when the  documents generated.

Faculty Record Offices and their contact

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