Trial access to the EBSCO SocINDEX with Full Text database

EBSCO has offered trial access to the SocINDEX with Full Text database, that is available on the EBSCOhost platform until the 31st of December 2023. The University has subscribed to the database for 2024, so access can be continuous until the 31st of December 2024. The database is also available by connecting to ELTE's internet network or by remote access with a VPN service.

SocINDEX is the authoritative bibliographic database for sociology research. The database offers indexed records from top sociology journals covering many related studies.

SocINDEX with Full Text includes rigorous curation and indexing of Open Access (OA) journals, which has resulted in a growing collection of 811 active global OA journals. Once validated and certified for inclusion, these OA journals are treated with high-quality subject indexing and sophisticated, precise, as well as accurate full-text linking.

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