In Christmas time this year, János Acsai from the Department of Informatics and Development, and Éva Erzsébet Orbán, the staff of the Department of Collection Management were honored by the ELTE University Library and Archives with the Pro Bibliotheca Universitatis award, thanking them for their high quality professional work, which increases the prestige of our institution.

János Acsai has been an exemplary, committed and high-quality member of the ELTE University Library and Archives since 1999, for more than two decades, and has been a member of the Department of Informatics and Development for six years. He does his work conscientiously and carefully. His pursuits play a key role in the library's digitization activities, the provision of its digital content and the short-term fulfillment of its digital copy requests. He is the primary visual content creator for the library's own publications and other graphic works. His employees can always count on his help when organizing our events. He is loyal to the library and bears in his heart the precise execution of the smallest tasks of his work.

Éva Erzsébet Orbán has been working in the Collection Management Department of the University Library since June 2017. She carried out stock control work in the libraries of the Philosophical Faculty under the guidance of colleagues in the field of cultural employment. Her high-quality, all-encompassing work is also recognized by a wider range of librarians.

In the summer of 2018, she prepared the journal planning project plan of the University Library. In addition to the scrapping, the project aimed to complete the availability of periodicals in the electronic catalog, as well as to check the order of the warehouse and to continuously correct the lists. By the end of this year, the project will reach an important stage: the decision-making process for allowing the collection of redundant publications to other collections, as required by law, has been completed.

From May 2019, his responsibilities included coordinating the acquisition of journals throughout the university, as well as handling complaints, which also means working closely with the network's librarians. Thanks to his excellent knowledge of English, she regularly gives building tours and presentations in English, and is happy to undertake the translation of various professional texts.

An excellent professional with extensive experience, who solves all tasks demandingly and to a high standard. In addition to his professionalism, the helpfulness, the humanity, that make his person credible is at least as important to his direct employees.

The staff of the ELTE University Library and Archives wishes you much success and joy for their further work!

You can access the list of our distinguished employees here.

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