Our Pauline documents at the Pauline temporary exhibition

An exhibition on the history of the Pauline order was opened at the Hungarian National Museum between 15th June 2021 and 12th September 2021, where several Pauline manuscripts and prints keep from our library are also presented, including the following manuscripts: A 115, Cod. Lat. 115, Cod. Lat. 131.

The exhibition organized on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the death of Boldog Özséb, the founder of the order, gives a comprehensive picture of the only Hungarian monastic order founded and still operating in Hungary. The order, established around 1250, today has a presence of nearly half a thousand members, on four continents, in sixteen countries.

Considering that the Hungarian origin of the order and the history of the Hungarian order range are little known, the exhibition mainly presents the Pauline and modern life of the Paulines, highlighting the historical role of the Polish center (Częstochowa).

The exhibited objects (archeological finds, medieval manuscripts, modern prints, liturgical objects, numerous sculptures, paintings and engravings) testify to the rich heritage of the order.

Source/author of illustration:
Graduale Romanum Ordinis Pauli Primi Eremitae monasterii S. Egidii de Uyhel, liturgical songbook, Pauline monastery in Újhely [Sátoraljaújhely], 1623).