University archival mosaics – Map of the Botanical Garden from 1907

Ferenc Molnár was born on the 12th of January, 1878. His popular novel, The Paul Street Boys is laid in the Botanical Garden of the university. The plot takes place in 1889, although the novel itself was published in 1907. This year proved to be a turning point in the history of the Botanical Garden, as the Minister of Religion and Public Education ordered to hand over much of its territory to the buildings of the new clinics at the university. Pursuant to Article 48 of the 1908 Act the Margaret Island was designated as the new location for the Botanical Garden, and after the move, the former area of the Botanical Garden would have been given in its entirety to the Medical Faculty. Although plans were made to relocate the botanical garden to Margaret Island, the garden eventually continued to operate in its former location with a mutilated area. On the map made in 1901, the new border of the Botanical Garden was marked with a blue line and the location of the new buildings under construction was marked in red.  

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