Three ELTE journals received the title „MTMT Qualified Journal”

For the first time, ELTE journals received the title „MTMT Qualified Journal”. The recognition is considered outstanding both within the university and nationwide.

The MTMT (Hungarian National Library of Scientific Works) Repository Qualification Committee has awarded certificates to three online scientific journals affiliated with the ELTE Faculty of Humanities, based on the submitted applications for qualification:

Currently, only fourteen academic journals are certified.

The qualification protocol is intended to certify journals’ publishing practices published in online database software, using the Open Access or delayed Open Access publishing model. The process examines the journal's peer review process and the practice of informing potential authors and readers. The purpose of the certification is to support the work of the editorial offices, to promote  the development of a standardised operation of national web journals, which also ensures the automatic uploading of the articles' bibliographic data into MTMT.

The recognition is due to the outstanding and persistent professional work of the editorial boards of Lejana, and Journal of East Asian Cultures, the scientific research of the authors, as well as the support of the coordinator responsible for strengthening, increasing the prestige and visibility of the journals affiliated with the ELTE Faculty of Humanities, Edit Zelei Markó-Markechné, and the contribution of the ELTE University Library and Archives.

Our heartfelt congratulations to the editorial board of the qualified journals and to the authors published in the journals, and we wish them continued success in their academic work!

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