Two libraries of similar age found each other

The ELTE University Library and Archives and the Tianyige Library and Museum shared information about their history and collections in an online discussion. Both libraries were founded in 1561 and have a rich history and collection philosophy.

Tianyi Pavilion is the oldest surviving private library in China, located in a Chinese garden in Ningbo. The library was established in 1561 by Fan Qi, Secretary of Defence during the Ming Dynasty (1561–1566). Thanks to his work as a book collector, at its peak the library held 70 000 volumes of documents, mostly local chronicles and imperial inspection protocols of the Ming dynasty. Today, it holds more than 300 000 volumes, 80 000 of which are special rare books. It is also an integrated thematic museum of book collecting culture. The building complex is divided into three functional parts: the library building, the recreation gardens and the exhibition area.

Following a presentation by the director and staff of the Tianyige Library, the ELTE University Library and Archives, which is the same age as the Chinese collection, also presented its historical, book collecting and architectural history, offering its Chinese-themed museum holdings for possible adoption. The two institutions are committed to continue to enhance international and inter-institutional cultural relations and cooperation.

Source/author of illustration:
Tianyige Library and Museum