Survey results on research data management have been published

In the autumn 2021, in response to the recent trends in scientific communication, the University Library and Archives of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE EKL) conducted a survey on the management of research data. The aim of the survey was to map the amount and type of research data processed by the researchers at ELTE. In addition, the questionnaire was designed to assess the researchers’ habits regarding data management, their willingness and motivation to reuse and share research data. The target audience of the survey included all lecturers, PhD students and PhD candidates at ELTE, in total about 6,850 university citizens.

The survey results have been published in the journal titled Scientific and Technical Information (Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás), the article is now available on the STI homepage as an "OnlineFirst" publication.

Source/author of illustration: and ELTE ULA