Questionnaire on research data management

The University Library and Archives conduct a survey in order to map the amount and type of research data managed by researchers at ELTE. The other purpose of this survey is assessing the data management practices of researchers, their willingness and motivation to reuse others’ and share own research data.

Research data management has become an extremely important area in the past few years. This year, applicants for OTKA was requested to prepare a research data management plan as a mandatory part of their documents. Other sign of the change in how to conduct research is the Resolution on Open Science document initiated by NKFIH, where FAIR and research data management is an important paragraph. Therefore, we consider it important that the questionnaire reaches as many researchers as possible to receive significant amount of completed forms back.

Educators, researchers and PhD student may launch the questionnaire from Neptun (Administration/Questionaires). The questionnaire anonym and voluntary. It takes maximum of 15 minutes to complete. The end date of completition is the 3rd of December 2021.

If you need further information on research data management, data repositories, please do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Education and Research Support Department at!

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