Congratulations to our honorees!

According to the traditions of Eötvös Loránd University, the Senate of the University presented the awards to the lecturers, employees and staff who provided excellent work and outstanding performance at the opening Senate meeting of the academic year. This year's honorees included several staff members of the University Library Service, who are committed to the cause of the university and library development.

In recognition of their outstanding work, Katalin Jakab, head librarian (Institute Library of Hungarian Linguistics and Finno-Ugric Studies at Faculty of Humanities), Anna Orbókné Jagiello, bibliographer of the Collection Management Department (ELTE University Library and Archives), as well as Ferenc Sot, head librarian (Faculty Library and Collection of the Special Education History at the ELTE Bárczi Gusztáv Faculty of Special Education), received the Pro Universitate Silver Medal. Veronika Bakonyi Ph.D., librarian at the ELTE University Library and Archives, was awarded the Trefort Ágoston Memorial Plaque by the University administration for her above-average performance and outstanding merits.

Congratulations to our colleagues on the occasion of their award, we wish them much success in their further work!

Source/author of illustration:
ELTE – Gábor Rusznák