Worth to know about the ELTE University Library. On the paintings of Mór Than, Part III.

The painting’s fate had not yet ended, after 1945 it was decided to cover it with drapery for an indefinite period. Director László Mátrai in his letter to rector György Székely informed him of this situation. He proposed to have a new portrait of Loránd Eötvös (the university was named after him). A report by dr. András Tóth in 1958 records that this replacement was planned with a budget of 500.000 forints, however the actual costs exceeded this amount, so the plans were abandoned. According to Ervin Havas, journalist for Népszabadság (01.02.1972), plans for the “renovation” were approved as early as 1967, but the library never managed to accumulate sufficient funds for it. Unfortunately, the cultural sector has always been underfunded by the government, and this is not going to change any time soon. Contractors have also stepped back one by one because they didn't see the 'big business' in working for the library.

Based on Edit Kazimír's article