Use of library computers

Use of library computers is free. The computers located in the training room on the ground floor can be used freely, without restrictions, if there is no teaching in the classroom. Computers can be unlocked with the username and password posted in the room.

In order to ensure the continuous availability of devices reserved primarily for university lecturers, researchers and students, the unlocking of the computers and self-service scanners located in the reading rooms on the 1st floor can be requested at the rental desk for a period of 1-1 hour, which can be extended upon request.

Available WI-FI networks

From a dedicated reading room terminal, you can access

  • doctoral dissertations;
  • online periodicals that require password access;
  • and the copyrighted content that were made available through the ELTE Library Browser.

Computers located in the rental room ensure the search in the catalogue and database. All registered readers are free to use the standing terminals in the Lobby.

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