Library visit

The library palace is an eclectic building designed by Antal Szkalnitz and it was built in 1876. The walls of the palace’s Assembly Hall are decorated with frescoes by Károly Lotz and a portrait of József Ferenc by Mór Than. The aula, the staircase and the Assembly Hall are open to the public during opening hours. Based on preliminary registration, we also provide the opportunity for guided building tours in Hungarian and in foreign languages. During these tours, the Historic monument store, and the reconstruction of László Perczel’s globe will also be presented.

Fees of the guided tours in the library:

  • in Hungarian: HUF 400 / person, minimum number of people: 5;
  • in a foreign language (English, German): HUF 800 / person, minimum number of people: 5;
  • free for ELTE citizens, ELTE Alumni members and people with disabilities.  

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