Cultural Heritage Days – Treasures enclosed in pages

On Saturday, the 16th of September 2023, as part of the Cultural Heritage Days, we will open our library doors to the public again.

The opening event will be a small Rosh HaShana (New Year) concert from 11.00 with Tamás and Anita Masa, the leaders of the Sabbathsong Klezmer Band. We would like to draw attention to the protection of our cultural heritage, with a wide range of activities for all ages, including library tours, calligraphic and bookbinding craft programs, presentation of our restorer workshop and old books, interactive Eötvös exhibition, university history display, as well as our jazz concert.

As part of this year's series of events, some special publications from our Jesuit collection will also be on display at our chamber exhibition Unus non sufficit orbis – One World Not Enough: Hungarian Jesuits in South America, opening at 15.00. For a detailed programme, please, visit the official website of the Cultural Heritage Days. All visitors are welcome!

Photo, audio and video recordings will be made of the events. The recordings will be published on the websites, publications, forums and social media of the participating institutions.


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