Trial access to Yale’s two database eHARAF World Culture and eHARAF Archaeology

Yale University provided 60 day institution-wide trial of two databases, eHRAF World Cultures and eHRAF Archaeology. The trial period ends on 24 April 2023.

The membership-based eHRAF World Cultures database contains information on present and past aspects of cultural and social life for a worldwide sample of societies. The contents are organized by cultures and indexed at the paragraph level by HRAF anthropologists with unique subject identifier codes from the Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM), making it ideal for both exploratory, in-depth cultural research, and cross-cultural comparisons.

The eHRAF Archaeology is an award-winning online database with information on the prehistory of the world. This database, modelled after eHRAF World Cultures, is unique in that the information is organized into archaeological traditions and the text is subject-indexed to the paragraph-level by HRAF anthropologists according to HRAF’s modified Outline of Cultural Materials (OCM). This comprehensive subject retrieval system extends search capability well beyond keyword searching allowing for precise subject retrieval, even in foreign language texts. Tutorial is available here.

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