If you are an ELTE emlpoyee or student, you can access e-books in the online catalog of ELTE libraries, the databases subscribed to by ELTE and the electronic issues of journals (if the subscription includes this) from home.

In order to access the network from home, you need a ceasar-identifier, which can be requested at IIG Ügyfélkapu (Customer Portal), using your NEPTUN identifier (NEPTUN code and password).

As an ELTE student with ceasar identifier, you are able to use the Stunnel service (learn more here). After installing the software on your computer, you can also search the databases from home by clicking on the database name in the Collections / Databases menu on the website.

You can also access the content of the e-books in the catalog, in this way, but you can also use the websites, download sites, electronic journals that are accessible from the ELTE network if you have access to them.

As an ELTE employee, whether you are a lecturer, doctoral student, librarian, etc., you can apply for VPN-access. The procedure for requesting and installing the utility at home is similar to that for Stunnel, but while you are using VPN, your computer will communicate through an ELTE IP address to the outside world.

Requiring a caesar identifier has additional benefits, for example the user - including the student - can get a full value ELTE e-mail address (more information here).

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