távolról használható szolgáltatás

OJS (Open Journal Systems) is a journal management system. It is an open source, which is free to install and use, in addition, it supports Open Access publications of journals.
DOI (Digital Object Identifire) is a unique identifier of the International DOI Foundation for the identification of documents available online. Its use is widespread internationally, in addition, today more and more publishers in Hungary are affixing DOIs to publications and manuscripts.
The Library of Hungarian Scientific Works (MTMT) is an authentic bibliographic database of scientific publications of Hungarian authors and publications citing them. The obligations of ELTE employees in relation to MTMT are set out in Decree 6/2012. (II. 23.) and in the Information Guide. The professional management of the operation of the MTMT is provided by the University Library.
To use the documents in the collection of the ELTE University Library and Archives, you can request a communication permit at the following contacts: library collection: info@lib.elte.hu, archival collection: info@leveltar.elte.hu. If you request for a communication permit, please, provide the following information:
If you do not find the book you are looking for in our catalog, you can make a suggestion for this service to purchase the missing publications. The service can be used by those who have provided a library card.
Self-service scanning You can digitalize documents in a self-service manner, due to the special book scanners. Using the scanners, up to 30 pages per minute can be scanned without the need to stretch the books on a glass plate, thus saving the spine. The software automatically straightens the pages after laser scanning. The device enables digitisation of documents up to A3 size and has a character recognition function so that scanned content can be saved not only as images but also as editable text.