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EXISTING DEBT CHECK Through a catalog Open our online catalog at https://opac.elte.hu/ , then open the window for identification by clicking on the Login option in the top menu bar. In the Identification / Barcode section, enter the number of your student ticket (e.g.
List of subscribed and freely available literature databases.
The Hungarian Scientific Bibliographic Database is a comprehensive and authentic bibliographic database of scientific publications of Hungarian authors and publications citing them. Regarding MTMT, the obligations of ELTE employees are governed by the mandate 6/2012. (II. 23.) and information guide issued by the Rector’s Office.
In order to support students with special needs the University’s Disability Centre provides adapted materials. The adapted, barrier-free version of educational materials is available through the institutional repository EDIT for those registered through the faculty disability coordinators. All uploaded materials can be retrieved under the “adapted content” subject / keyword.
With the help of the ELTE Library Browser, you can access copyrighted publications in digital form, which physical copies can be found in the collection of the ELTE libraries. However, due to the number of copies available, the access may not be possible in all cases.