It is not searchable in ELTEfind

Web of Science is the world’s most trusted publisher-independent global citation database. Web of Science is the most powerful research engine, delivering your library with best-in-class publication and citation data for confident discovery, access and assessment. Our multidisciplinary platform connects regional, specialty, data and patent indexes to the Web of Science Core Collection. Our comprehensive platform allows you to track ideas across disciplines and time from over 1.7 billion cited references from over 159 million records.
The database is accessible in the entire IP range of ELTE, but its use is subject to user authentication. For the IDs required for login, contact the Library of Faculty of Science of the Eötvös Loránd University, they can provide accurate information about the condition of use. Tutorial on the database.
Video database on testimonies of holocaust survivers. There are 4400+ interview in the lenght of 12000 hour. From the access sites, it is free  to access. Al is needs to be done to log on the internet of ELTE. Free to use but registration and honor the terms of use are mandatory. Tutorial on the database.
CNKI CAJ (Chinese Academic Journals) full text database, only collection F (Humanities). Subscriber: Konfuciusz Intézet. Tutorial on the database.
Journal Citation Reports aggregates the meaningful connections of citations created by the research community through the delivery of a rich array of publisher-independent data, metrics, and analysis of the world’s most impactful journals included in the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), part of the Web of Science Core Collection.
Microdata consist of sets of records containing information on individual persons, households or business entities. Microdata are used in official statistics for the production of aggregate information (usually tables). Access to confidential microdata is restricted in order to protect the anonymity of individual persons or businesses. How to access Eurostat Microdata:
The CASE Journal, the official journal of The CASE Association. The CASE Association is one of the most prominent case study organizations in the USA and has strong foundations within the case writing community.  TCJ is the official journal of The CASE Association and the leading, online, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal featuring factual teaching cases and case exercises spanning the full spectrum of business and management disciplines. Tutorial on the database.
The use of Clarivate Analytics as a science evaluator helps to assess the place of each institution in interdisciplinary research. The database helps to identify research topics and scientific workshops that come to the fore, supports the development of the right scientific strategy for institutions and helps to find the right sources of research support for a given research. Tutorial on the database.